Allinduath is a Crystal Starseed who is a clairaudient and physical medium. She has been channeling higher dimensional beings for most of her life. Recently, she has been guided to begin sharing some of their messages through this blog and through her YouTube channel CrystalChildMessages. These higher dimensional beings are members of the Council For The Assistance To Earth, and the messages she channels are mainly from four of the members, with an occasional guest. The four main speakers are: Faleekastrina who is Head of the Council; Plashdar who is the former Head of the Council and, presently, the Spokesperson for the Council; Fongeetale (pronounced Fuhn-ghee-tah-lay) who is Second Assistant to Faleekastrina; and Ezekiel Memchat who is First Assistant to Faleekastrina and who is of the Atlantean race. The Council is dedicated to assisting and protecting Earth and helping her ascend into her true reality, and the members are giving these messages specifically to help Starseeds remember who they are and their vital role in assisting Earth in her ascension process.